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Please write a ten-page double spaced research proposal using APA citation form and style. Select a pertinent social problem facing public administration today that is deserving of additional research and analysis. There are myriad. Just look at the needles, and human feces, on the streets of San Francisco as an example.

In your research proposal paper submission for this course provide substantive elaboration upon the problem statement, research question, hypotheses, hypotheses testing, research design, the justification for that research design over other research designs and approached, your literature review, and finally the research project budget.

You may be submitting your Research Proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) or another funder of social science research. You may use your current position, or a fictional position, as the point of contact for the Research Proposal. Use your imaginations. Ground you imaginative musings in your writing in a manner that is demonstrative of absolute and total mastery of this course subject matter.

An outline for the Research Proposal is Offered Below:
Purpose of a Research Proposal
Literature Review
Research Design & Methods
Implication and Contributions to Future Knowledge
Reference List
Research Schedule
Proposed Budget

Preferred TOPIC

Homeless in Central Texas  -Inadequate amount of shelters in Texas which produces more homelessness
– how many homeless in the state of Texas
– Resources they currently have
-Homeless veterans

things to consider
      -how much of the government funding currently goes to homelessness
building more homeless shelter

NEW LAW PASSED in 2019 regarding Austin Texas homeless 

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