ASX-listed Company Valuation Report

Assignment Requirements


I will upload the question and requirement document, as well as the marking guide for the assignment. MAKE SURE the writer clearly read through all of the document,and fulfill all the requirements.
David Jones Ltd is selected for this assignment.
Introduction,Executive summary,Assignment body, Tables and Diagrams are needed, make sure the whole assignment won’t exceed 12 pages.
There is one question asking to compare the beta that I calculate and the Beta from Morning Star, the Beta of David Jones I got from Morning Star is 1.30, while the industry Beta is 1.34.(The writer can contact me whenever more info are needed, since to get access on the Morning Star requires the link from uni and uni account, so don’t be hesitate to contact me and ask for more info. )
The references number that I demanded is just an approximate number, it can be either more depends on how the report is presented.


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