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Archive for the ‘Computer Science’ Category

SOX compliance framework

  Write an essay of at least 500 words discussing how database auditing and monitoring fit within a SOX compliance framework.  Do not copy without providing proper attribution. This paper will be evaluated through SafeAssign.  Write in essay format not in outline, bulleted, numbered or other list format.   Use the five paragraph format. Each paragraph […]

Security Certification

  Do some basic research on security certifications. See Write  a brief summary of certifications that are open. Consider if any of the certifications would be valuable for your career.Investigate and report on exam options. Write your answers in WORD and submit here.

History of Cyber Security

The main idea is the history of cyber security.The introductory paragraph should identify the issues to be discussed in the paper by introducing the main topics and explaining to the readers what area(s) the research will address.  The paper must be written in APA format (based on the sixth edition) and include a minimum of […]

Hands on Microsoft window server 2016 (Case Project 2-2: Server Roles)

This week you will work with Gym Masters, a company that makes equipment for fitness centers and gyms. Gym Masters make treadmills, stair steppers, cross trainers, exercise bikes, free weights, and stationary exercise devises. They supply fitness and recreation centers throughout the US and Canada. Gym Masters has 2 locations, one in Chicago and One […]

Runtime vs. Realtime Considerations

  Research the concept of compilation with regards to code. Is there a difference in how scripts are compiled vs. how programs are compiled? What is the difference between compiletime and runtime?  Should these differences and definitions have an impact on what language you choose to write in? Why? Research and determine what types of […]

Wireless Technology

There are a number of cellular phone companies each serving their own unique geographical areas. Likewise, they each may use a different technology to transfer communication. Research the pros and cons of 3G and 4G technologies and its role in todays applications.     Write a fully developed paper in which you: Compare the pros and […]


Submit paper with two pages of information, in APA format, including a cover page, an abstract statement, and references (five pages total, including a separate title page, a separate abstract page, a separate references page, and two pages with your research findings.) Include these topics in your paper: Describe the hardware components within a computer and […]


There are several steps in Information Risks planning.  How can you utilize these steps to create a “Security Data Policy for employees storing personal data on their work computers.” Describe how you will use each step. Will you need to use all the steps, if not what steps would be eliminated and why? 

This is a computer science analyze report, the attach photo is about coding and please analyze the SP500 stock cluster_ Dividend Yield and Market Cap, talk about the relationship between Dividend Yield and Market Cap

1. This is a computer science analyze report, the attached photo is about coding and please analyze the SP500 stock cluster_ Dividend Yield and Market Cap, talk about the relationship between Dividend Yield and Market Cap2. Please details more about the cluster photo shows like

Contact Facebook Customer Service to customize notifications and friend settings?

 Which notifications you want to receive, and which you dont, it can be customized according to your needs on facebook. If you dont know how to set notification preferences, and friend request settings, then we suggest you to take help from experts. Friend request notification, comments, shares and many other preferences are easy to manage, […]

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