Criminology – 30

Criminology – 30
In your Teamwork activity, you will analyze violence and media’s impact on aggression in society.
On your own:
Perform a library search for articles pertaining to violent media’s impact on aggression in society. Prepare a post that presents your findings to your team.

As a team:
Combine the findings into a report and include recommendations for ways to lessen the impact of violent media on aggression in society.
Remember to cite your references! For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA style section of the syllabus.

Teamwork is designed for student interaction and collaboration with one another. Below are the student expectations for Teamwork.

Team Leader: Designate a Team Leader for each week to compile and edit the individual postings and contributions and post to Doc Sharing. As a team, discuss and agree on the final report.

Team Leader, be sure to upload the Team Report to your team’s folder in Doc Sharing and label it “Final Team Report.”

Please note that the final version should be a product of the team’s discussion, and not merely putting together the individual contributions.

Please remember to check “Share file with entire class.” Checking this option allows your other team members to view the document.

For Teamwork final deliverable guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.

All Teammates: The minimum expectation is that all teammates participate in the activity and individually post.

All students earn individual grades for the required teamwork component to each course.


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