Goal statement (100 words or less)

Social workers serve Michigan residents across a wide range of service systems and geographic locations. It is my goal to help NASW-Michigan represent the interests of NASW-Michigan members and those we serve, by effectively engaging in the public policy dialogue with relevant and credible data, analysis and insights, so that we will help policy-makers to make informed decisions, and are respected in that capacity. This will be done in a manner that is courteous, civil, collaborative and resolute, effectively leveraging the strengths and resources of NASW-Michigan.

As the ___ Student Representative, I will support, promote, and advocate for the future of the social work profession. It is my professional goal to advance policies that improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable citizens in Michigan, particularly those affected by substance use disorders. Through involvement with the Board, I hope to inspire and empower social work students across the state to participate in matters that affect the future of our profession and the clients we serve.

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