Due: April 20 2017 20:00 p.m after 1 hours from now
150 words for each questions

Assuming that North Korea (also known as the Hermit Kingdom) decides to open its borders to global trade and you are the Director of Emerging Markets for a US Based multinational that sells computer systems for commercial purposes. Funding is available from various sources but there is a shortage of skilled IT resources.

What entry and market segment would you recommend for this North Korean opportunity? Support for recommendation with valid reasons.
In emerging markets, the battle ground is in the middle income class consumers and emerging giants seem to have an advantage over the developed countries multinationals. Why? Why was Haier China so successful while others have failed?
Why do emerging giants want to expand abroad? Why was Teva (Israel) successful in penetrating the USA market despite the dominance of the Big Pharma companies?

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