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Short essay on the article “Ang Kakuta-Hopi ancestraL sites and cultural landscapes.250-500 words summarize how hopi people think about their origins and landscape in which they are located according to the article. in esasay use terms “archaeological sites” ancestral sites, and cultural landscapes. In essay briefly reflect on how the hopi view their origins differs from archaelogical views of Native american origins.
Comments from Support Team: ExAttn; Writer I have included the name of the book that we are utilizing, it is called “This Land Was Theirs- A study of Native Americans by Wendell H. Oswalt 9th can also get information from pages (10-16) and again the name of the Article is “Ang Kukota- Hopi Ancestral Sites and Cultural Landscapes by “leigh Kuwanwisima and TJ. Ferguson published in 2004 in Expedition magazine.

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