Womens studies

can you write 5 pages worth of 2 different questions?
this includes references as well.
please use all 3 sources for each 5 pages labeled either Q1 or Q2

would be great if you could stay away from difficult words and phrases.
i will also attach my previous work so please consider to take a look.
thank you!


(Question 1)
Are women peaceful by their nature? And, are men inherently violent?
Drawing on these questions, elaborate on the different roles played by African women and men during times of war and peace.

(Question 2)
Should development projects such as highways, dams, oil, mining  and other infra-structural projects that force the displacement of local communities be built? Reflect on why is your answer to this question is either Yes OR No, please take a side!

Purpose of Reflection Papers: In this assignment, you will be expected to show that you have read, understood and reflected on 3 of the readings assigned for this class, which was covered in session # 3.


All reflection paper should be 5 pages, typed, double-spaced and in a 12 point font with one-inch margins.

Despite the fact that these papers are designed to reflect your thinking process, they must cite scholarly sources as these will help you develop an informed opinion based on the readings. Thus, each reflection paper must include scholarly sources, documentary films and other information utilized in lectures, readings and class discussions. You must use MLA citation.

Reflection Paper Guidelines:

– This Reflection constitutes 25% of your grade.
– The Reflection Paper should analyze at least 3 readings that are provided for this class (additional external readings could be used but are NOT required.)
– The Reflection should not only summarize the central arguments raised in these readings/films but should also demonstrate your exploration and critical analysis– in your own words.
– It should be doubled spaced, 12-point font– please do NOT use bullet format.
– You must use MLA citation.
– Please check the below reflection grading rubric.


In this course, you have been reflecting on the assigned readings.  In this assignment, I am asking you to answer the provided reflection question and expand your reflections by sharing some of the followings, which may apply:

– Thoughts
– Feelings
– Likes
– Dislikes
– Comments
– Ideas, words or phrases that have struck you, and why?
– Further questions this reflection brings up

Reflection Rubric (25%)

Responsiveness to reflection Q.

Score: 10%

– clearly addresses the reflection question/topic and responds effectively to all aspects of the assignment;
– clearly address the reflection question/topic, but may respond to some aspects of the assignment more effectively than others
– addresses the reflection question/topic, but may disregard some aspects of the topic
– indicates confusion about the reflection question/topic or neglects important aspects of the assignment
– suggests an inability to comprehend the assignment or to respond meaningfully to the reflection question/topic

Communication of Ideas

Score: 3%

– explores the issues showing thorough comprehension of the readings/films; goes beyond the obvious or class discussion
– shows some depth and complexity of thought
– may treat the topic simplistically or repetitively; doesnt demonstrate sufficient comprehension of the reflection question/topic lacks focus, demonstrates confused or simplistic thinking, or fails to communicate ideas
– is unfocused, illogical, incoherent or disorganized


Score: 3%

– is coherently organized, with ideas supported by reasons and examples
– is well organized and developed with appropriate reasons and examples
– is adequately organized and developed, generally supporting ideas with reasons and examples
– is poorly organized and/or undeveloped; lacks support from the readings
– is undeveloped; provides little or no relevant support

Control of Structure, Grammar, Spelling

Score: 3%

– is generally free from grammar and spelling errors and pay attention to sentence structure
– may have a few grammar and spelling errors and minor challenges with sentence structure
– may have some grammar and spelling errors, but generally demonstrates control of sentences & structure
– is marred by an accumulation of grammar and spelling/sentence structure errors
– has serious and persistent errors in word choice, grammar and sentence structure

Score: 1%

Length: 5 pages count noted, minimum met

Page count not noted or minimum not met

Good Luck!

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